Radio Free Albemuth

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From the late 1960s a paranoid incompetent has schemed his way to the White House and convulsed America at a vicious war against fanciful internal enemies. A fighting science fiction author called Philip K. Dick is trying to prevent from getting one of the war's casualties. And Dick's closest buddy, a record executive called Nicholas Brady, is getting transmissions from an extraterrestrial thing that can also happen to be God -- a thing which seemingly needs him to overthrow the President. In this, his final book, Philip K. Dick morphed and recombined topics that had educated his fiction from a Scanner Darkly into VALIS and made a wild, impassioned work that reads as a visionary alternative history of the USA. Agonizingly suspenseful, darkly humorous, and filled with conspiracy theories to delight the most hardened paranoid, Radio Free Albemuth is evidence of Dick's prestige as our century's biggest prankster-prophet.

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