Raag Darbari

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Though this book is from 1968 it is one of the best inclusion is top 10 satire books.  The author reflects on the failing values which he experienced during the post-independence society of India.  The intellectuals helpless and the corrupt, criminal, businessmen and politicians had joined their hands. Ranganath, the central character comes to know how his uncle utilises the village panchayat, local office of government for political agenda and purposes. Readers would get the essence of rural India and how people are exploited.

What makes this book stand out?

A masterpiece by one of the best humour and satire writer.

Read it for

Excellent utilisation of humour, satire and picturesque writing style. One can easily spend a life of loneliness with this book.

Don't read it for

The original version is in Hindi which contains the real essence.

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