Purple Cow: Transform your Business by being Remarkable

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The title Purple Cow focuses on making people understand that either there are remarkably extraordinary or simply ordinary. The book tries to put across the point that a Purple Cow would be remembered by consumers as it would be something unreal and different. This is the same ideology that people should apply when they are marketing their products.

What makes this book stand out?

The good advice that it imparts its readers along with evidence in the form of case studies.

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The book will inform readers how the world of business and marketing has changed over the past ten years and how they should adapt themselves to that change. A well-written book, it is definitely one of the best books to read in the genre of marketing.

Don't read it for

Godin makes the mistake of leaving out crucial information as to the very process of converting one’s strategy to that a Purple Cow. Readers understand that they need a Purple Cow, but they don’t know how to start that process.

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