The Power of broke- How Empty Pockets, A tight budget, and a hunger for success can become your greatest competitive advantage

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This book is written by businessman and one of the Sharks of the T.V show- Shark Tank, Daymond John. He is the founder of the fashion brand, FUBU which stands for- For Us By Us. The title of the book gives away most of the features that it already has to offer. Daymond explains how a state of poverty can be turned into your advantage if you know how to use your skills right.

What makes this book stand out?

Rarely do you find books that can tell you how to get over your financial crisis like this one? It’s a must-read for businesspersons and normal people alike.

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Learning how to overcome obstacles and look in the right places during poverty. Use your current resources to the fullest and getting over your financially bad condition.

Don't read it for

Everyone goes through a state of poverty where we end up lacking proper financial backing in our life. Hence it is a must read to overcome that condition as we have all been or will all go through that condition at some point in our lives.

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