Pippi Goes on Board

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Another adventure for the ginger-haired girl, who is on has no parents around and does pretty much, whatever she likes to do. The strange girl has befriended her neighbors, Tommy and Annika, and takes them along for shopping trips for candies and much more. But a twist is in order when Pipi’s father returns, and she may have to leave for good.

What makes this book stand out?

The book is a filled with enjoyable successive events, which are fluid and take you from one event to another.

Read it for

The Adventures of Pipi and her escalated enjoyable nature makes her a lovable character. Anyone who reads the book will never forget her.

Don't read it for

The book is an adventure where the kids sail off to an island in the middle of the lake, but that seems a bit too unrealistic to the older readers. But then again it is a children’s book.

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