The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Meet Dorian Gray, the delightful young fellow with an outlandishly enchanting face and soul. As he sits for Basil Hallward—a profoundly moral craftsman and a companion of the wicked Lord Henry—who ends up noticeably fixated on his magnificence and needs to paint him, Dorian is charmed by the flawlessness of his representation.

What makes this book stand out?

It is an awesome book. Wilde has flawlessly portrayed the obscurity of the human soul. This was an exceedingly questionable book back then

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The story, if told in a solitary line, would sound phenomenal, yet the book itself isn't. The characters need life. They resemble painted bulletins. There is excessive of impulse and too small streamlining in the plot.

Don't read it for

racism will be there

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