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The story starts with the protagonist visiting her hometown where she finds that there is no one there; everyone’s either missing or dead. The lead starts exploring and finds something unusual, they manage to get the help of military biological unit, and after some investigation, they figure out that it is the work of an ancient enemy. The whole story then revolves around the attempt to finish the enemy.


They discovered that the town quiet abandoned. They then discovered that the body strangely warm and bloated. One hundred were dead missing. However, the terror had just started in the small mountain town of Snowfield, California.AND CLOSER... Initially they believed it had been a maniac's job. Or terrorists. Or contamination. Or a weird ailment. AND CLOSER... But they discovered the reality. And it was seen by them.

What makes this book stand out?

The concept of shared existence on this planet, the presentation, and the plot is really nice.

Read it for

The method devised for defeating the enemy is something which exists for real so it will not only give you a good reading experience but also educate about some interesting stuff.

Don't read it for

The science in this book is really amazing, which can be good or bad depending on your taste.

Brief about Author Dean Koontz