Pale Fire

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Often viewed as Nabokov’s ultimate postmodern work, the book begins with a preface by a scholar named Charles Kinbote, who is confided with the last poem of his friend deceased friend John Shade. The piece that the readers get is the end result – the poem and Kinbote’s own comment, wherein the comment involves more space than the poem itself.

What makes this book stand out?

The book expects the reader to experience, savour and reread it. It's a task to read it, but an exciting and interesting one.

Read it for

The composition involves the most amount of Shakespearean style of artwork in the 20th century. The only prose fiction that puts up the depth and complexity of Shakespearean level.

Don't read it for

The text proves to pretty difficult to read and memorize as you proceed with the reading. However, reading it in parts would help.

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