Owls don’t blink

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This installment finds the pair of Cool and Lam in 1942, hired by a client in New York. The client seems to have made no mistake while the pair is hired a long way away from home while he could have easily hired a Private Investigator to get the job done.

What makes this book stand out?

Gardner whips another good book, and this shows the complex chemistry shared by two fictional characters in amazing light. The book also throws light on Gardner’s exquisite thinking.

Read it for

The book shows great presence of mind displayed by Lam and Cool in bringing their suspicion to facts. The story is new, and they don’t falter to run away and approach carefully their fears

Don't read it for

The story is predictable, but is again, not to be classified as a suspense thriller. The plot is decent at best, but the mettle that the characters show is immense.

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