Our Impossible Love

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A young girl Aisha loves her Journey of self discovery as a women and love. She is living with her brother and ailing mother and her father live and work in different city. On the day Aisha turns eighteen, the birthday party date turns out to be horror. It was nice till something terrible will happen and experience leaves her devastated. Danish a young man is in awe of his younger brother who is ambitious and on overachieving individual. The love story and relationship get more complex and struggle to balance between life, love and ambition.

What makes this book stand out?

The Book has story with hot input and expected to deliver some adult magazine and more interesting.

Read it for

this is an amazing book and novel is really loved to read by everyone. You will understand clearly what is love and relationship.

Don't read it for

the use of abusive language and the explicit content was a bit turn off and could have been better. It is one of the interesting book club books that ever read.

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