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Robert Langdon, Professor of Symbology and Religious Iconology at Harvard, visits the Guggenheim Museum for attending the unveiling of a groundbreaking scientific discovery that claims to challenge the very fundamentals of human existence. The event is blown apart and Langdon has to escape the museum with his life under serious threat. They must cover a trail of hidden passages and cryptic historic symbols in modern art to unravel that one earth-shattering truth that has remained silently buried till now.

What makes this book stand out?

Real art, history, science and previously unknown hidden facts and places, all spun into a gripping mystery novel. Dan Brown's research is as usual, exemplary.

Read it for

Brown's classic manner of indulging into science, art and history, and that familiar, gripping swirl of world-altering ideas and action.

Don't read it for

Technical jargon which may although also be seen as a new learning experience.

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