Open City

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this is a novel about spatial relations. The novel is also effective at dramatizing relationship between objective and subjective experiences. Julius is an American psychiatrist training in Manhattan. He is of German and Nigerian extraction which makes him rootless in New York. The novel also lays focus on layers of urban history and immigrant experiences.

What makes this book stand out?

The book stands out for the honesty of the characters and is one of the best book to read. The author shakes the familiar comforts and urges the readers to confront the point of views which are usually dismissed.

Read it for

The novel is praised for its prose style and for its take on the city as a site of power, community and desire. The novel, on one hand, has a propensity towards social documentation, realism and interrelation with historical events and movements and on the other hand, it has propensity towards fictionality, form and reflexive self-examination.

Don't read it for

This book lacks the plot twist or a character's epiphanic transformation.

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