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As a sequel to Typee, this book records the protagonist’s experiences on a whaling vessel bound to Tahiti. In between that, there happen squabbles and fall-outs and even mutiny among the crew, which led to the imprisonment of many in Tahiti. Once again taking from Melville’s own experiences in the South Sea, the book borrows its name from the Polynesian word Omoo meaning a rover who travels across the islands.

What makes this book stand out?

A real-life Pirates of the Caribbean vibe added on with a mythical essence.

Read it for

a first-person account of a nineteenth-century sailor’s life with mates full of spirits – in all sense of the term.

Don't read it for

The reason stays the same as it was with its prequel – it might be made-up and fabricated in places. But nowhere is it claimed that the events are completely true to reality.

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