Oh, Shit. Not Again”

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the novel is packed with fun like playing porn in front of Grandma, having kicked in the groin by the girl the guy is going to kiss.  The protagonists are five friends with their hilarious stories of life. The questions presented above are all answered by these five people.  The book provides a roller coaster ride through comedy which the readers are sure to enjoy. The literary piece is rightly among the top satire books of 2016. The author does not fail the readers with his share of comedy.

What makes this book stand out?

The ease of reading and simple humour which the readers can easily relate to their experiences.

Read it for

A gut-busting laughter awaits the readers and lovers of comedy and satire. There are filthy characters who bring the adult twist.

Don't read it for

The novel gets too filthy at times to complement the humour.

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