Of Mice and Men

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It is the story of two men, outsiders, looking to find their place in the world.  A tragedy written as a play, it follows the two men as they try to get enough money to buy their own ranch. Again set in the cruelty of the Great Depression, the story is depressing as they must struggle against the themes of cruelty and jealousy.

What makes this book stand out?

Following themes of human feeling, it traverses a time when America was filled with the 'dispossessed' and gives them a voice.

Read it for

Though it was started as a play, the book found success as a novel. Made into a movie three times, the story was amazing for the search of the American Dream.

Don't read it for

There is no reason at all not to read this work as it is a complete masterpiece of literature produced by Steinbeck.

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