Now Wait for Last Year

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Dr. Eric Sweetscent has issues. His world is enmeshed in an unwinnable war. His spouse is lethally hooked on a medication that whips its customers helplessly back and forth over time and can be hell-bent on earning Eric suffer together with her. And Sweetscent's new patient isn't just the main person in the embattled planet Earth but quite possibly the sickest. For Secretary Gino Molinari has turned into his deadly illness to a tool of political coverage -- and Eric cannot tell if his job is to earn the guy better or to maintain him poised only this side of death. Even as it ushers us into a future which appears uncannily like the gift, it gets the ordinary look terrifyingly provisional -- also compels anybody who reads it to wonder whether he actually knows exactly what time it is.

Brief about Author Philip K. Dick