Nineteen Minutes

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The story is set in the ordinary town of Sterling, where nothing new almost never happens. One beautiful morning, a student in the New Hampshire town goes to school without books but with guns instead. A mass shooting occurred, and the town becomes engulfed in pain and suffering. In the midst of searching for answers, the key eyewitness for the case is the Judge’s daughter, but the problem is that she cannot remember what exactly happened.

What makes this book stand out?

The impressive idea of creating a story on this topic was beyond amazing. You can finish eating a meal in nineteen minutes, you watch a game, you could talk to your friend in nineteen minutes, and life could change in mere nineteen minutes, as it did for those students in the Sterling High School.

Read it for

The story is filled with many twists and turn. The gripping events and the characters keep you turning pages.

Don't read it for

The story seems like it keeps dragging on. Most readers and fans of Picoult found that this story could have been better kept as a short story.

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