Night of the Living Dummy

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The book is about two sisters, who compete in everything and even  with the dummies they buy. One of the dummies comes to life for the worse, and a series of terrifying events unfold for the girls. After they somehow manage to get rid of that dummy another surprise is waiting for them at home.

What makes this book stand out?

The idea of series of evil dummies (spoiler alert) is something that makes this book different; you are not really free even though you thought so.

Read it for

The book is worth reading for you to get scared of dolls and dummies; not really just kidding. The book is a must read because of the imagination author has used in the events and in the character he selected for portraying the evil.

Don't read it for

Despite the fact that the dummy was evil there are some points which will disgust some readers, while some will really enjoy it.

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