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A young and sincere businessman, due to some chance encounters finds himself in a world which is too close to his reality, but is different in essence. What is lying in wait for him?

Beneath the streets of London there is a place most people could not dream about. A city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, knights in armour and pale women in dark velvet. This is the town of the men and women who have fallen between the cracks. Richard Mayhew, a young entrepreneur, will find more than just about the other London. One act of kindness adores him from his workday presence and into a universe that's at once eerily familiar and utterly eccentric. And a strange fate awaits down him, under his native town: Neverwhere.

What makes this book stand out?

The book is imaginative

Read it for

The book is an excitingly written story of the main character.

Don't read it for

The book is too intricate, some might find it unsettling.

Brief about Author Neil Gaiman