Nasty women

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the book certainly rips off the blinkers with its vivid and descriptive style; it pans the last elections and the divisive nature of the same. The book consists of various viewpoints offered by various personalities, such as Rebecca Solnit, Samantha Irby and much more. It enables you to look under the hood into the pervasive nature of misogyny and racism rife in America since last elections and pushes you to ask why?

Twenty-Three Major Feminist Writers on Solidarity and Protest

94% of girls voted for Hillary Clinton and when 53% of women voted for Donald Trump do girls unite in Trump's America? Nasty Ladies includes inspirational essays by a diverse group of women authors that try to supply a look at what we will need to do in order to proceed and how we got here. Featuring essays by REBECCA SOLNIT on Trump and his"misogyny military," CHERYL STRAYED on grappling with the wake of Hillary Clinton's reduction, SARAH HEPOLA on resisting the desire to drink following the election, NICOLE CHUNG on loved ones and friends who encourage Trump, KATHA POLLITT about the condition of reproductive rights and what we do next, JILL FILIPOVIC on Trump's policies along with the lifetime of a young girl in West Africa, SAMANTHA IRBY on racism and alive for a queer black lady from rural America, RANDA JARRAR on travel across the nation for a queer Muslim American, SARAH HOLLENBECK on Trump's cruelty toward the handicapped, MEREDITH TALUSAN on feminism and the transgender community, also SARAH JAFFE about the labour movement and busy and efficient immunity, amongst others.

What makes this book stand out?

The overall tone, the rich description, various characters and the eventuality that rocked US last year

Read it for

A closer look at Urban America and its insular nature

Don't read it for

If you are not into reading about last elections and its aftermath, then you would want to give this book a miss

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