Moby Dick

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Do you love adventure stories? The Moby Dick written by the famous author enhances the eagerness to the reader by chosen platform in the story. Seafarer Ishmael enrolls in the team of whaling journey that passion for the ship’s captain named Ahab. Once injured by the white whale Ahab planned to revenge. With holy strength, he flows into the dangerous waters and protected to the madness of vision reject to be bested by the nature forces.

What makes this book stand out?

The author keep you fascinate by the interesting adventure stories with different concept, which similar to real.

Read it for

The good start of the Moby Dick top 10 adventure books never make the reader stop the story reading anymore and make you once engage in the adventure action.

Don't read it for

Its completely strange, wild digressive power and wisdom of profound allegory from metaphysical and physical.

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