The Mind of Mr. JG Reeder

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The book is the second of the six-part JG Reeder series. It is an anthology of Reeder’s popular crime deductions that have been memorable enough to have made it into his personal diary.

What makes this book stand out?

Just like Arthur Conan Doyle penned down popular instances of Sherlock Holmes in short stories, without having to go into detail about the background and setting, Wallace has done the same with his Reeder

Read it for

There is classic detective work all around. Each story is an adventure on its own, and each more gripping than the previous. Every one of the stories provides a delicious mystery to be devoured.

Don't read it for

The book is too short and too rapid to be accepted as a beloved character. But if you are already a fan of the franchise, this one will definitely not bother you.

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