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as stated from its title, this is a children’s dictionary book, and it is one of the top ten dictionaries books in 2017 that every child needs. Many dictionaries have jargons that will only stress your child instead f making their experience exciting. Therefore, this dictionary was developed to be friendlier to your child and to sharpen the English grammar skills as they grow. It also has compelling images and other visual representations that make learning fun. This is excellent at keeping their minds attentive during the learning time. It is a perfect choice for children from elementary school. Its design is excellent and can withstand the ‘carelessness’ of children.

What makes this book stand out?

this is the best and most comprehensive dictionary that suits every child from elementary school.

Read it for

children should read this dictionary book because of its simplified nature that makes it easy for their minds to grasp the words and their context of use.

Don't read it for

do not read this children’s dictionary when you are mature and of age; capable of handling more complicated words. It will stagnate your knowledge growth of English language.

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