Mayil will not be quiet

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Mayil Ganeshan is 12 a year going on 13 years old. Her diary is where she gets the chance of saying all she wants. Mayil’s diary is first stepped to become a writer.  She had already started writing a novel, but she does not know where it will go.  However, her style is spontaneous, cute, and honest and is intimate.  However, Mayil is facing the confusion that one faces in adolescence and is confused with gender stereotyping focused in all aspects.  The first book in the list of top 10 children’s book which is written by two immensely talented writers.

What makes this book stand out?

A beautifully narrated story of diary writing.

Read it for

A good children’s book even the adults would enjoy reading.

Don't read it for

Some issues discussed are beyond the reach of children below ten years.

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