Marathon Man

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Written by William Goldman in the 1970’s, this is a masterpiece for those thrill lovers also fascinated by conspiracies. The plot revolves around the smuggling of diamonds out of  USA by a former Nazi SS dentist, through a secretive organisation which goes by the name “The Division”. The protagonist, “Babe” Levy, a postgraduate student and an aspiring marathon runner, is unknowingly sucked into this through a series of betrayals and murders and is suddenly kidnapped and tortured for information of which he has no idea. This book creates that Nazi-era environment infamous for it’s inhumane treatment and tortures of people. Drifting through a variety of aliases and clandestine activities, the story of how Levy escapes and learns about the true happening of things around him and how he avenges the death of his loved ones forms the rest of this thriller. This book which inspired a major motion picture is one that will keep the reader on his toes.

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