A Long way gone

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Set in Sierra Leone, Africa the book is a life journey of a 12 year old Ishmael who was separated from his family and was later forced to be a child soldier in the Sierra Leone Armed Forces. The book recounts many, life-changing turns in the life of Ishmael which shaped the mindset of a young child. Published in 2007, the book covers civil war in Sierra Leone.

What makes this book stand out?

Depicting the situation in Sierra Leone, Africa at the time of civil war makes this account of life an important aspect to understand if you wish to know more about the South African civil war.

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A long way gone is a book about struggle, inspiration, hard work and the fact that how if given a chance, a child with guns can be a man with a pen.

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Though with a few fight and war scenes, the book shouldn’t be hard to read. Some people might be hurt by the mention of children being used as weapons. Since this is a real life account, the mention should make sense.

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