Life of Pi

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With the tragic sinking of the cargo ship, one lifeboat floats on blue and wild Pacific. A sixteen year-old boy named Pi is the only survivor and along with him a zebra, a hyena with broken leg, a female orang-utan made into the lifeboat. To his surprise, 450-pound Royal Bengal tiger has already found refuge in that lifeboat.

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Life of Pi is the top 10 books of 2012 and the story begins with the note from author who is the integral part of the story. Story describes the fictional events and serves with establishing and enforcing the main theme of the book - Relativity of Truth.

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Story is set in the most extraordinary along with best-loved fiction works of the modern generation. Reading this adventurous book would be a great entertainment for everyone.

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Yann Martel is author who acclaimed the 2002 international Man Booker Prize-winning for this novel Life of Pi and inspired by great minds.

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