Last Stop on Market Street

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A beautiful book about a bus ride and the beauty of Each Sunday, CJ rides the bus with his grandma. Throughout the bus ride, CJ wonders why they always take the bus and don’t own a car as his friend Colby does. Among many other things, the prominent worries are that why is he without an iPod and why do the two of them always get down at the dirtiest stop. After CJ tells his grandma about his worries, his grandma shows her the fun and joy one could have, with what the two of them already had.

What makes this book stand out?

The book’s message about finding joy in whatever you have is an impressive one, and this book makes it seem utterly effortless.

Read it for

The book matches its texts with vivid illustrations of the same level, which only enhances the reading experience.

Don't read it for

Most reader, parents, and enthusiasts may have a problem with the broken grammar which encompasses the book.

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