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this is one of the best diary books that almost every youth in a foreign country can relate to. It features a girl called Hope who is Korean. She moves to America with her mother and finds herself being the only Asian kid in a pool of white kids. Her family is undergoing challenges, and she is also having a hard time trying to adjust to school. All the challenges she faces build her, and the reader gets the chance to go through the life-changing journey with her which is exciting.

What makes this book stand out?

this book stands out because it shows what every kid who is different and new in a place goes through. It has captured the struggles very well.

Read it for

you should read this book because it is very relatable and the character goes through what anyone may go through.

Don't read it for

this book unveils s much pain, struggle, and hardships that it may make you get overwhelmed with emotions. It may evoke sadness to a great extent.

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