I know why the caged birds sings

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As Maya grows up under the care of her grandmother, with whom her father left her, she learns the discrimination black people bear and yet her grandmother is polite with everyone in town. Soon she and her brother are taken back by their father who to another mother in the city. Life moves on with more sharp turns and trauma which leave Maya mute.

What makes this book stand out?

Maya makes it evident that life goes on and a single event can’t define you. This book is a masterpiece for its writing.

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The book presents Maya’s journey of hope and life from being discriminated to being molested and raped and later rejoicing life and making it better. It is an inspirational story with a lot to teach those who feel they have failed and lost it all.

Don't read it for

The book sometimes over emphasizes on little parts while skipping some major issues abruptly. And yet the book is a delightful experience of hardships of life.

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