Katie Mulholland

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The story is about a protagonist who gets is mistreated at her job by the family she works for. Katie was deflowered by force, but this didn’t defeat her, she vowed to challenge the family on their terms which gives the story an interesting turn.

What makes this book stand out?

The book offers real-life insight of a miner’s family as expected from someone who has seen it all herself, the truth about high society and their hypocrisy is also portrayed in an amazingly descriptive and touching manner.

Read it for

Read this novel to understand the value of moral code and courage when it comes to facing the hardships of life and living it as a whole.

Don't read it for

The plot is different from others; protagonist has a very strong character which is something many should appreciate and want for them, however, the plot gets a bit slow during the first few pages, but you should stick till the end.

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