Kansa- The Professor Black Series

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Over past years, he killed forty pregnant women and then vanished without a single trace for his murders. After a long time he is back again and start seeking the next victim that one man can stop him. Professor Black is an honest and he finds the truth behind the murders. He undertakes investigation for several years and kept him away from the world of crime. When he had met his match, it has deeper into the case and everything went dirtier. Nothing was happened wrong in his investigation but he finds the answers soon.

What makes this book stand out?

Every scene gives you Goosebumps in twist and turns. Some of the chapters are evil circumstances to discuss unexpected made us wonder.

Read it for

The story is related well and done reading with gripping story to find out the truth. The plot was done amazingly and moves in your head.

Don't read it for

It has varied mix of emotions and hence it will be imbibed in the story. The crime factor is much faster and easily decides it.

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