Kafka On The Shore

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The saying, “You cannot run from your destiny” sits well with this book. This is the story of a boy who takes the name of Kafka and sets out on a journey to find his destiny only to find the most unexpected answer. The story has many unique characters, along with many strange, yet magical incidents. A man, a little disturbed in the head, can talk to cats and must find the murderer who has been ruthlessly killing cats. A book on chance encounters and the path of destiny, what lies for them in the end?

What makes this book stand out?

The book is a splendid work of art, an excellent read for anyone looking for something profound.

Read it for

This book is capable of transferring you into another world. Vast yet concise, precise yet detailed a true work of art.

Don't read it for

This book is written in a morbid fashion, may not be appreciated.

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