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this story is all about Lord Garuda who is the one charged with the responsibility of passing judgments in the underworld referred to as Naraka. Lord Garuda stands for fairness, and in a bid to judge a soul whose wrong and right are in perfect balance, his decision becomes tough and chooses a different fate. He reincarnates the soul as a yamdoot and a man. This brings Kaal into existence. The purpose of Kaal is to protect the physical and the spiritual world from evil, and he does it will all efficiency. What makes the story exciting is that Kaal may end up being a pawn in a bigger web and not just a necessary protector.

What makes this book stand out?

this book stands out because it gives hope to the reader. It also has a complicated storyline that is exciting to read how it unfolds throughout the literature.

Read it for

you should read this book because it instills the sense that someone is always watching out for the world.

Don't read it for

this book can create a perfect illusion for you to believe. Therefore, if you prefer to avoid this illusion, do not read it.

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