Just a Little Christmas

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This is the third book in the Cowboy Christmas series. The story is about two people, on from each sex, estranged from their spouses and looking for warmth and comfort for both their’s and their children’s sake.

What makes this book stand out?

Right from the book cover to the plot outline, nothing else puts you on a reading spree better. With comfort echoing right from outside the book, there is nothing that may harm or disappoint you, once that you have begun the journey. Other than a few argumentative flaws, the book is a top contender for the best Janet Dailey book.

Read it for

It is a classic. Set around the Christmas, the book is filled with holiday merriment. The love set among two long last friends is the only thing you will need to embrace the warmth in the snowy fun and frolic

Don't read it for

The characters come off as a little whiny. Despite being around the season for Christmas and Thanksgiving, the protagonists have almost nothing to thank for.

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