Jungle Book

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Most children have loved the movie. The literary piece by Rudyard Kipling is equally commendable. This is the oldest book best books to read for children. However, the story has passed on from one generation to another. Children around the world are associated with the central character ‘Mowgli’ being brought up by animals. Yes, it can be regarded as the children’s version of another classic ‘Tarzan’. The protagonists are animals from the jungle like Bagheera, Balu, Ka, and of course Mowgli with their fight against ‘Sherkhan’.

What makes this book stand out?

A book which can beat the timeline and carry on being read by children for decades.

Read it for

A timeless classic which is a must read for children irrespective of the generation.

Don't read it for

A story for bit grown up kids.

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