Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology

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The book covers an insight of a fundamental topic and was one of the best creations by Ayn Rand published in 1979. In the book, Rand opposes the old school teachings of baseless rejection of logic, innovation, and reasoning and advocates her idea of philosophy. The book contains amazingly intelligent work and reasoning of Ayn Rand with an essay by philosophy professor Leonard Peikoff.

{Man's head is under assault Now|The head of man is under assault by {} schools of 14, Now|The head of man is under assault Now|Now the head of man is under assault|Man's head is under assault by {} schools of 14, Now}. We're advised we can't trust our perceptions, that logic is random, that theories don't have any foundation in fact. Ayn Rand opposes that torrent of nihilism, and she supplies the option within this demonstration of their nature--and power--of man's conceptual faculty. She's a original way to solve the problem that caused the collapse of philosophy: the issue of universals. This maintained, beautifully written work, in addition to a composition by philosophy professor Leonard Peikoff, is.

What makes this book stand out?

The book presents Rand’s thinking methodology, and her insights and clarity to the problem make it a must-read for everyone.

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The book comes from an objectivistic point of view and presents ideas which contradict the present day system of old-school teachings. Her fascinating concepts and theories make the book a must read Ayn Rand Book.

Don't read it for

Being an extremist, Ayn Rand offers no in-between options. You either love her for her theories, or you nullify them head-on. If the other Ayn Rand books don’t make sense to you, this one is most likely to disappoint you.

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