Inspired Journeys: Travel Writers in search of the muse

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Inspired Journeys is a collection of the spiritual take on the travels of different people to the locations they have visited. Each trip has a mental effect on a person, and we are all looking for something in a trip.

What makes this book stand out?

The author tells the untold truth by writing about how we are all looking for something when we go wandering to new places and destinations.

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You can understand the purpose of the journey we all take when we are in the search for something. Travel is all about discovery; the discovery of yourself, of a new place, new experience. Finding it is what makes it satisfying and memorable.

Don't read it for

You’re going to find more spiritual and self-discovery aspect of this book than the location descriptive. It’s a different approach to enjoy travelling so I don’t recommend it to the rookie looking for a new region or roadmap out of this book.

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