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seek and ye shall find. Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist wakes up to find himself in a hospital. He has no memory of how he reached there. He finds an inexplicably gruesome object hidden among his belongings. The scariest thing in the world would be to not know what you are fighting, what you are running from. Only Langdon’s knowledge of history, symbols, and hidden passageways can stop a group of fanatics from replaying a modern modern-day version of the inferno that would destroy the world all at once. All he has are some verses quoted from Dante’s Inferno to help him decipher codes on a scavenger hunt that are the only way to save the world from the ultimate self-destruction.

What makes this book stand out?

You cannot put this book down. A spellbinding thriller in which the pages turn themselves.

Read it for

Brown's sheer brilliance and unmatched research. All the places, organizations, secret groups, and art mentioned in the book are factual

Don't read it for

Very unlike the charming previous novels in the Langdon series.

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