In Milton Lumky Territory

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Bruce Stevens is a prosperous young buyer for its CBB discount home in Reno and he cruises across the Western States in his'55 Mercury checking out probable deals. However, if he meets Susan Faine, the part-owner of a sickly typewriter shop in Boise, Idaho, a more appealing proposal comes his way. They have also met, when she had been his teacher in fifth grade. But she needs someone to handle the shop and he is eager to try. Then 1 thing leads to another and within days they're married. Milton Lumky, the enigmatic newspaper salesman, is full of foreboding... In Milton Lumky Territory is a haunting novel of American life from the 1950s, among those nice mainstream functions out of Philip K. Dick, now universally recognised as one of the most persuasive and sensitive chroniclers of life and love of the time. Front cover illustration by Chris Moore

Brief about Author Philip K. Dick