In Dubious Battle

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The story in California Apple Country in 1936 and follows a strike by the immigrant workers that transitions slowly but surely into something ultimately fanatic. The story is incredible as it talks about the unsure nature of the entire strike and the division among ranks.

This 1936 publication --set from the California apple nation --portrays a {} by researchers that metamorphoses from principled defiance into blind fanaticism. For over seventy decades, Penguin was the leading writer of classic literature from the world. With over 1,700 names, Penguin Classics signifies a international bookshelf of their greatest functions throughout history and across fields and genres. Readers expect that the series to supply authoritative texts improved with introductions and notes from distinguished scholars and modern writers, in addition to up-to-date postings from award-winning translators.

What makes this book stand out?

The desperate and honest description of the change in human nature when the mob mentality sets in.

Read it for

The true and bloody nature of the story about the conditions of the immigrant workers in that time. It sets a stark contrast to what was the opinion and views of the society.

Don't read it for

Do not read it for a story of action and adventure as it is more an exploration of men's minds.

Brief about Author John Steinbeck