I’ll give you the sun

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this story is about Jude and her twin brother, Noah who are inseparable. Noah is falling in love with a charismatic boy living next door. Daredevil Jude does all the talking for her brother by wearing lipstick. Although, they were very close to each other at the age of thirteen but barely talked after three years. This was due to their sibling rivalry because both of the wanted to impress their mother, Dianna. The first part of the novel covers Noah’s story as he struggles with an enormous secret that affects his present and future. The next section includes the story of Jude who falls in love with an arrogant, broken, yet beautiful boy. This radiating award-winning novel will leave you teary, breathless and laughing, all at once

"We're {} for each other on a crash course, regardless of what. Perhaps some folks are just intended to be in precisely the exact same story." Initially, her brother Noah and Jude, are inseparable. Noah cliff-dives and is falling in love with the boy whilst daredevil Jude conveys lipstick, draws, also does all of the talking. They are talking. Something has occurred to modify the twins in distinct yet equally devastating manners... but Jude matches an interesting, mythical boy and a mysterious new mentor. The first years are Noah's to inform. However they have just half of the story, and they will have a chance, when they could find their way back to one another. This book in the writer of The Sky Is will make teary and you breathless and laughing all at one time. Award Winner Stonewall Honor Novel.

Brief about Author Jandy Nelson