I Am Pilgrim

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A father beheaded publicly in the blistering heat of Saudi Arabia, a woman found dead in her hotel room in an acid filled bathtub, an infamous biotech expert found eyeless and a dead corpse found in a remote mountainside. These seemingly unrelated murders have but one thing in common, forensic and bio-chemical attacks and a forensic book, describing the exact same ingredients as that of the murders that took place, authored by a former intelligence agent. The link to all these chilling murders is traced to a dead-end, the unknown murderer following his flawless routine of piling up even more bodies by the day and horrifyingly sticking to the book. It is upto one man called “Pilgrim”, the other end of the linkĀ  to stop these aberrations . Imagine someone using your work of education for committing cold-blooded murders. It is with this feeling that Pilgrim must race against time to prevent oblivion, and he must get back to the stage as quietly as he disappeared a few years before. This suspenseful literary delight debuted by Terry Hayes will make sure you don’t get out of your seat till the last page.

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