The Hunt for Red October

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This novel, which launched the phenomenal career of author Tom Clancy in 1984 is an action powerhouse. It is about the search for a secret soviet missile submarine, the mysterious and devastating “Red October”. It is a race against time for the Americans and Soviets, who are after it, as well as a test of strength, power and resources. The ever-present enmity between the Americans and the Soviets, although concealed through fine layers of diplomacy, pushes forward both the sides for achieving world dominance. The author, himself an ex- pilot expertly blends in real-life scenarios and creates this unique piece of fictional documentation of the search for a cutting-edge piece of technology. TheĀ  life of the protagonist, Jack Ryan, a CIA Analyst, who then goes on to investigate many other cases of national and international importance in other books of the author, can be traced to it’s inception here.. This military masterpiece of fiction is a must-read for those who wish to experience an incredible and adrenaline filled chase through the perilous waters of the Atlantic .

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