Humpty Dumpty in Oakland

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Place in San Francisco in the late 1950s, Humpty Dumpty in Oakland is a tragicomedy of misunderstandings among used auto traders and real-estate salesmen: the small-time, fighting people for whom Philip K.Dick always booked his greatest empathy. Jim Fergesson is a older garage proprietor having a heart disease, who's going to retire; Al Miller is a somewhat feckless mechanic that sublets a part of Jim's great deal and finds his livelihood threatened by the decision to market; Chris Harman is a record-company proprietor who for decades has depended on Fergesson to keep his automobiles. When Harman hears of Fergesson's impending retirement he hints off him to what he states is a cast-iron business proposal: a growth in neighboring Marin County having a opening to get a garage. Al Miller is convinced that Harman is a crookout to fleece Fergesson of his life's savings. Just as he resents Fergesson he can not bear to see it occur and--denying himself constantly what he's doing--he sets out to thwart Harman.

Brief about Author Philip K. Dick