How I became a Tree

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Sumana Roy takes us on a journey in this book in a new and different perspective of what it is to be human in the natural world. Against the norm of life, corruption, greed, dishonesty, and selfishness, Sumana admires the peaceful tree life in the native.

What makes this book stand out?

The allegory is just top notch, and it brings to light the possibility of a human living a different, calm and comfortable life from the usual norms just by having his or her mind tuned in that desired direction. This is one excellent and remarkable autobiography.

Read it for

This book brings the reader an atmosphere of the possibility of a better life above the normal contaminated one. It brings forth an experience of calmness. It is fascinating.

Don't read it for

The allegory in writing is incredible and paints a picture of a complete calm and tranquil life from the pains and hardships but could end up leading people to laziness and denial of the part they need to play to improve their lives.

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