Homeric Hymns

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Homer Hymns is indeed one of the best homer books ever written and is taken as a reference point for several papers and studies. It consists of 33 songs, which are recited at festivals. These songs are written in honor of Gods and Goddesses of the Greek pantheon and provides an excellent insight into the relationship shared by the divine and mankind.

What makes this book stand out?

The beautiful flow and feel of these hymns are what makes this book even more special and unique. Several ancient stories have been incorporated in the book from Hermes stealing Apollo's cattle to the kidnapping of Demeter, which gives us a fascinating dive into the world of ancient Greek.

Read it for

For a better understanding of the Greek world, this book is ideal as it conveys a lot about their way of living, eating and praying. The hymns vary in length from a couple of lines to more than five hundred to six hundred lines.

Don't read it for

A tad bit confusing at a few places.

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