This Holy Man: Impressions of Metropolitan Anthony

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This book is not just a prayer book but is more based on a spiritual man of modern times called ‘Metropolitan Anthony’ who was one of the most respected pastors, a broadcaster, a spiritual writer and a guide. He was the patriarch of the Orthodox Church in the UK. Author Gillian Crow mentions the life and times of this man who was known for his charisma and a warm, delightful personality. The book also delves into the pastor’s discovery of spirituality and how he fought his inner demons of insecurity and depression.

What makes this book stand out?

An ordinary man's journey from the pits of self-doubt and depression to the light of the True Savior.

Read it for

An inspiring story about how spirituality saved an ordinary man.

Don't read it for

If Meta descriptions of the concept of spirituality are not what you are looking for.

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