Heart of Darkness

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Heat of Darkness is one of the best Joseph Conrad popular novels. This novella is based in Africa. The seaman, Marlow, is recounting his time with the ivory trader Kurtz. Marlow has been looking for the ivory trader and had become obsessed with him. But when Marlow find out how Krutz had gained his position, he becomes conflicted with thoughts. His thoughts are filled with questions about his power and nature, and above all, he questions the power of the western civilization.

What makes this book stand out?

Heart of Darkness is a masterpiece. It expresses the horrors and the effect of the Imperial rule better than any of the books of its time.

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The book dives head first into the horrors of imperialism. Heart of Darkness is a psychological journey of a man, who begins to question everything, including himself radically.

Don't read it for

Books focusing on psychological journeys are usually slow to start and therefore aren’t page-turners. You may find the initial few chapter of the novella slow.

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