Hard Sell

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This book is Jamie Reidy’s memoir. It talks about how he went from a normal person to being the number seller for during the launch of Viagra. The book delves into the world in which Reidy worked and talks about his scripts for sales’ pitches. The book shows how Reidy tried to tried to persuade a doctor to pick one drug over the other. The book is filled with insider information including the reason for why the Viagra tablets are shaped as diamond and different comedic monologues. The book has been adapted as a motion picture titled as “Love and Other Drugs.”

What makes this book stand out?

The book is about a man who somehow stumbled upon the right career at the right time.

Read it for

This book is an impressive read, filled with comedic instances.

Don't read it for

Reidy’s writing skills aren’t up to the mark and he fails to make the story compelling.

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